What It Is:

This program is designed for keeping score at aerobatic contests, specifically for the International Miniature Aerobatics Club (IMAC).

The current version number is 4.15 and was updated on 26-January-2016. The only change from the previous version was a minor change in importing XML files generated from the IMAC website. The pilot's class was being lost upon import. There are no other functional changes in the program functionality since the previous version (v4.13). The download has been updated to include the new sequence files for 2016.

The new sequences are required as the "current" sequences for 2016.

What You Need:

1. Hardware: Computer, Printer and Mouse

You can use just about any computer that runs Java, including any Windows, Macintosh or Linux computer, plus a printer and mouse. I don't provide any of that...

2. Java Runtime Environment (JRE)

To run this program, you'll need to have the Java Runtime Environment installed on your computer.

3. Software: The Program and Supporting Files

All software and data files are included in the download links below. This includes the main program (score.jar), all sequence definitions for knowns and freestyle (and the alternate sequences), and a complete set of score sheets.

Some contest locations are required to alter the sequences due to airspace or other constraints. If your contest has been advised to eliminate rolling circles, please use the alternate sequences. On the "sequences" tab, use the "import" button to load the appropriately named alternate sequences file.

4. Technical Support

All technical support is free. I'm interested in all comments or questions about the program. If you'd like to contact me, my email address is: dave (at) dave232 (dot) com.

Main Program and Supporting Files

Official Release
Bundled with sequence definitions for 2016 flying season.

Two Very Important Notes:
  1. To install the program, copy the files from the compressed folder (i.e., the ZIP file) into a normal folder (that is NOT compressed). The program will NOT run correctly while compressed (even if it appears to do so). Please uncompress the files.
  2. To run the program, do ONE of the following:
    • double-click on the file "score.jar", OR
    • right-click on it and select "run/open with Java", OR
    • contact me for help.

For questions or comments about this website or its content, contact me via email: dave at
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