Programming Projects

I have a couple of projects where I've had fun playing with Java Swing programming. They are the "calculator" and the "IMAC Scoring Program". I've got more programs that haven't made it up to the website yet... (Hint: see the music?)

Eclipse Plugins

I have a few plugins that I've grown to like for Eclipse:
  • AnyEdit - This is a nice, lightweight plugin that cleans up whitespace, adds a "save all" toolbar button, and provides conversion between normal and HTML-quoted special characters.

  • ETEE - This one puts Unix-piping right into the editor. This is REALLY cool, because you can highlight a range of text and send it through any number of programs (like sort, etc.).

  • Amateras - This one is really good about catching HTML errors without requiring a heavy-weight installation. However, it runs pretty slow, which makes it better suited for (only) occassional use.

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