Dave's Calculator (dscalc)

What this world needs is yet another calculator program...

However... This one is small and provides a bunch of cool features, all in one tool:

  • multiple keypad layouts
  • many mathematical functions
  • financial calculations (time value of money)
  • computer science mode (with base conversions and bit operations)
  • triangle solver (ASA, SSA, etc.)
  • function plotter
  • unlimited number of user memories
  • your choice of infix or postfix notation
  • units and easy conversions between them
  • macro recorder (with playback)

The entire program is less than 100KB.

To run the calculator, you'll need a command like this:

java -classpath dscalc.jar dscalc.main

Or, you can run the included batch file.

To run this program, you'll need to have the Java Runtime Environment installed on your computer.

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